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2face's Dubai Wedding, upsets Fans

"2face Idibia, "We follow buy ur Cds Ooo, now u come carry ur wedding go Dubai where we no go fit chop Ur Rice. How many Arab don carry wedding come 9ja. Well sha if u sing ur next song make u ready go sell am 4 Dubai" -  Angry Nigerians."   

Read another Letter To Tuface Idibia From An Angry Fan after the cut; 

“I never knew or comprehend that Mr 2face Innocent Idibia had this spirit of Wickedness in him. 
We have been encouraging him even he was nothing till now that he felt that he has arrived. 
2Face, We all bought every CD you has ever played, paid for all the shows your attended, devout our time to listen to all your songs, even when the songs may not meet out expectations, as an encouragement we continued to listen to them''.

Yet you didn’t show us appreciation. 2Face, Let me ask you a question. How many Arabs has bought your CDs or listen to your any of your songs? Annie Macaulay’s Parents are not Arabs as to say your choose Arabland because of proximity to her Parents.

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With your spirit of wickedness, you carry your wedding to Dubai so that Nigerian fans will not eat rice or cake or drink your mineral or even our local beer. You know for sure that most of your fans can’t afford the ticket to Dubai.

You denied your fans who bought and paid for your CDs and Shows the generational opportunity to see a glimpse of your wedding, because you are sure that WE fans are not important, Nigeria is not good enough to host a Celebrity Wedding.

Tomorrow your friends and colleagues in the entertainment Industry who are Naturally Copy-cats will join the trend of wasting our Foreign Exchange in countries that see Nigerians as no body.

Well, let me tell you, get ready to sell your next album in Dubai, perform all your new shows in Arab, with new found Arab fans, as For me, I will not buy or patronise your Music ever, again. 
Though it is certain that you are so wicked to us, but we will only forgive you on two condition:-
1] Apologise to Nigerian for refusing to create History in Our Land.
2] You Must take up a Campaign to your copy-cat friends and Colleagues in the entertainment industry to learn how to Appreciate, patronise Nigeria and Thinking Nigeria, First.

Written by Amina Umar

LOL...These letter sha...I find them really Alarming and Funny....
My dear.."You must Notice Me" Friends/Fan of 2face, Keep it together abeg......Whats with all these crappy letters just to get noticed....

Trust me the best reward 2face has given to you his fans is settling down with one woman....Annie, he couldn't have made a better choice...

Whether the wedding was in kafanchan or Dubai or in Nigeria..... Be happy for the Brother Abeg....

Meet Nollywood Actress Halima Abubakar 8Years Ago's much have you transformed pver the year? Get an old picture of you and try checking out the difference, you will be amazed how much you have changed.

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The picture Above on the Left is a Nollywood actress, 8years Ago, She is Halima Abubakar.

Check our Corper Byrmo...'Son of a Carpenter"

The video of Omoge Campus, Brymo's second single since the release of his highly acclaimed The Son Of a Kapenta will be officially released today March 28, 2013.

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I like his concept.... 'Corper Brymo' Check out more pictures.

Forbes Hip-Hop's Wealthiest Artists 2013

1. Diddy - $580 million: The bulk of the Bad Boy Records founder’s wealth comes from non-musical ventures, namely his deal with Diageo’s Ciroc. The agreement entitles him to eight-figure annual payouts and a nine-figure windfall if the brand is ever sold—and Ciroc’s value has never been higher

2. Jay Z $475 million: He’s still rolling in cash from megadeals like his $204 million Rocawear sale in 2007 and his $150 million pact with Live Nation the following year. He continues to hold stakes in Roc Nation, Carol’s Daughter, the Brooklyn Nets and, more significantly, the Barclays Center itself, while adding new partnerships with the likes of Duracell, Budweiser and Bacardi’s D’ussé Cognac

3. Dr Dre - $350 million: It's thanks mostly to his Beats by Dr. Dre headphones. A year after selling 51% of the company to handset maker HTC for $300 million in August 2011, Dre and his partners bought back half of the half they sold in 2012—and their investment continues to soar in value due to Beats’ whopping 65% market share of the premium ($99 and up) headphone market.

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4. Bryan “Birdman” Williams - $150 million: Riding from his Cash Money/Young Money empire. His roster includes Drake, Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne (the latter crossed the $100 million threshold for the first time this year, by our estimates, but remains just outside the top five). Birdman also recently launched a YMCMB clothing line and a spirit called GT Vodka.

5. 50 Cent - $125 million: The bulk of his fortune came from heavy sales of his music, merchandise, video games and books in the wake of his smash debut Get Rich or Die Tryin’- and particularly from his payout for the sale of his stake in VitaminWater parent Glacéau to Coca-Cola in 2007.

Source: Forbes 

Basket Mouth Opens up about his New Customized Car

Basket Mouth with his Childen
The boy looks Just like him, while the girl smiles just like him 
.Basket Mouth, A 35-year old Glo Ambassador and host of MTV Base’s Big Friday Show talks Talks about his Lastest Customized CAR....with an Interview with NET
There’s been a lot of media buzz around your new car, so how customized is it?
I went to visit my friend, Bayo Adegeye, who was my first manager ever. I went to see him and his family in Belgium. His wife is white and the mother is the General Manager of Insignia and all Opel products. When we went to say hi to her, she wasn’t in the office so I went to the shop and I saw this car laying there and I was like, which car is this, and they told me and I said I like it and asked how much it cost. They told me they don’t sell it that way, that you’d have to order it and I said Okay, I want to order it. They took me to the office, they brought out the computer and they asked what colour I wanted. I was like, are you guys serious, anything I want you will put in this car? That was how it started, I told them everything I wanted, so they loaded the car as much as they could to my own satisfaction.
I didn’t go out of my way to buy a car neither did I fly all the way to Belgium to buy a car, it was just a coincidence that I just bumped into the car. It was also coincidental that I was the only person that ordered it from this region. When they told me, I was scared and asked what’s up with the servicing of the car? They told me that with the kind of engine that I have ordered, I cannot service it for the next three years and I said okay then give it to me because by three years’ time, definitely I go don change motor. It was just a coincidence and please don’t ask me how much the car costs
Fashola might be reading this, I don’t want him to start asking me for my tax but it’s quite expensive, let’s leave it at that. Trust me, it’s quite expensive.
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So what are some of the challenges of being a comedian in Nigeria.
Trust me it’s hard o! because everyone expects you to deliver. For music, the 2Face, Psquare or D banj can go on stage to play the same song you have heard over and over again like a million times. You pay them and they go there to sing the same song and people will be happy but with comedy you have to go with something fresh all the time. If you go and crack the same joke, they will just be looking at you which means you’re under more pressure than any other person. Actors may not come on stage and start acting, the best they can do is to present an award or MC an event but we have to be fresh and consistently redefined so as to give out more which is the challenge.
Now this Part about Comedy been challenging is actually so true....

D’banj Partys with American Rap Star Big Sean at his Surprise 25th Birthday Party in California

On Monday 25th March 2013, American rap star Big Sean turned 25 years old.He was Given a Surprise Birthday Party at a restaurant in Beverly Hills, California and the Kokomaster was there to party with him.

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In the picture which Big Sean shared on Instagram, 
Big Sean gives a shout out to D’banj and his famous friends, saying “@sayitaint, @mistercap n Talyor Gang were up in there, my GOOD music bro D’Banj n of coarse my Dad. My mom n dad were the biggest surprises tho… They
flew cross country to be here after they lied n said they couldn’t make it out.

Beyonce Supports Gay Marriage

 Beyonce, Shows Loyalty and Support for Gay Marriage

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Orange Drugs Model, Sandra Okagbue reacts to reports on her Marriage to Mikel Obi...

Sandra Okagbue has reacted to reports she's getting married to Mikel Obi. See it below...
This is to inform the general public that the current stories foretelling a proposed wedding between I, Sandra Okagbue, and Mikel Obi, is entirely incorrect. There has never been such a proposal between either of us let alone an agreement, or even a wedding date as rumored. “There is no truth in the reports that Mikel Obi and I are getting married.”
There have been too many false stories about me in the papers, and several blogs. My name has been linked with several people whom I am supposedly familiarly linked with. Some of these false reports even went as far as claiming that my family house was bought by these imaginary suitors. This is disheartening. I come from a reputable royal family and, we are a hardworking people. We have achieved all we have through faith in God and hard work.
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I will like to implore the respectable ladies and gentlemen of the press to please always officially verify whatever information they would like to publish about me before publishing.T
Thank you for your usual support.
Nyce....I hope they are been truthful sha oo..Very soon....You know the drill na..... Wedding Pictures will start Flying Around

Pregnant Kim K Looks Stunning on her lovely Dress

Pregnant Kim who is not so keen on Maternity wears wore this beautiful dress for an interview on Good Morning America on Tuesday.

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Mehn...I love that dress.....My eyes are actually Popping out

Regina Askia Shares her Experience From Outside the Shores of Nigeria

Former beauty queen and actress Regins Askia moved to the US many many years back where she Acting to become a wife, mother and a registered nurse. She shares her some thoughts and Happenings on her Facebook Wall.

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Naecto C Spends Quality time with his Son

He posted the photo on his instagram page and wrote:
Thanks 2 every1 for all the messages. Words arent honestly enuff to express this moment…its ironic especially for some1 like myself who is used 2 putting words 2gether…mayb later…but right now i’m just Thanking God for my Family and enjoying my son’s company! I wish u all similar moments at some point(s) in your lives!“ 
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Very sweet message....I claim it ooo....Amen


Ellen DeGeneres Couples Up with Wife of 5 years Portia de Rossi

Ellen DeGeneres spent quality time with wife of almost five years Portia de Ross on Tuesday as the Couple 
were all smiles as they were photographed at a welcoming party in Melbourne, Australia.

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Kim Kardashian Addresses Photoshopped Tweet About Nigeria

Its no longer news that on Tuesday the net went crazy after a not so nice tweet from Kim Kardashian about how Disgusting Nigeria is and how she dissed Nigerian Women .

People took the opportunity to slam the expectant mom. 

Peep some tweets fired at Kim K...............
Kim Kardashian buys her hair from Nigeria why would she shade them?

I think Kim Kardashian deserves for all Nigerians to unfollow her after wat she said abt Nigeria and our women

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What Nigeria thinks of Kim Kardashian! Coming soon!

Kim Kardashian doesn’t know that the women in Nigeria that she’s cursing are capable of making her pregnancy disappear for good..

Kim  Cleared the air yesterday Morning,as she addressed the tweet saying,

“I see there’s a photo shopped tweet floating around, supposedly something I said about Nigeria. That was NOT me, or my feelings. That fake tweet is very disturbing & I would NEVER EVER tweet something like that.”

I didnt believe that tweet the second i saw it, I think we should learn to give people benefit of doubts....

Omotola Gave her a piece of Reasonable advice.......Kim K  I concur with Omosexxy

Beyonce Covers British Vogue Magazine!

Beyonce appears looking fab in a striped blue crop top paired with a sequined skirt
She looks Great...........

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Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Man Behind Independence Day Bombing Jailed for 24years

The man suspected to be behind the 2010 Independence Day Bombing that killed 12 people was today sentenced to 24 years in prison by a South African Court.

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on the 21st january 2010, Mr Okah was found guilty on 13 counts of terrorism, including engaging in terrorist activities, conspiracy to engage in terrorist activities, and delivering, placing, and detonating an explosive device.

Waje gets naked in her new music video...See Pictures

The singer recently shot the music video for her hit single ‘I wish’. directed by Clarence Peters. The video explores Waje’s deep emotional core with themed scenes never been done before on Nigerian TV.
See Waje, all bare and vulnerable with nothing but her heart to cover her. The video for I wish drops Thursday 28th March, 

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Waje’s album is due in the final week of April. 

READ: 2Face and Annie Idibia’s Wedding Vows

How else can love be defined??? Read below...........
This is so touching, Tuface and Annie Idibia’s wedding vows. 

2Face’s Vows;

“Many years ago I was farther than the eyes could see.
Now we are now in that future
When I look into your eyes, I still see
You came into my life and you lit it up
Like the sun, like the moon, like the stars
All the words in the dictionary
All the words in this world can not be enough
To say what my heart feels for you.
But all I can say is baby, my heart is like a stereo right now
And it will beat only for you till death do us part.
I love you baby.”

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Annie’s Vows;

“My joy! My heart! My friend! My love!
I stand before you today as open as I can ever be, humbled by the light and love in your eyes.
13 years ago, I met the most amazing man on earth! I flew on the wings of that love, uncaring, unheeding! Believing firmly that you are and will always be the wind beneath my wings!
Life happened, oh yes Life happened but through it all my heart beats only for you!
My heartbreak became my greatest joy!
My strength! My life!
Day after day I am more in love with you!
When people ask me what is love! I say Love is right here! This moment! This second! Today! Tomorrow! Love is you! Love is real! Love is my eternity with you Innocent Ujah Idibia!
I give you all of me today knowing that in you and you only has this imperfect girl found perfection!!!
I do 13 yrs ago when I met you, I do 7years ago, I do 5years ago when we created our daughter! I do through all the blogs and tabloid headlines! And on this day, at this very second I stand in front of the world and I say I do take you as my wedded husband! I love you! I love you so much, so so much!!!”

They make love seem so sweet..............

Have you ever wondered why Lagbaja Covers His Face?? here are the Reasons

Nigerian high-life musician Bisade Ologunde aka Lagbaja and is the latest addition to the new Glo Ambassador Family, 

Since he started his career, he has never revealed his real face (identity) to the outside world. Many have wondered on who the real man behind the mask is.

A source revealed his reasons for covering his face.......

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He used to be in the choir in one Baptist Church in Ilorin and his parents are prominent Baptist members. His family opposed his decision to sing that kind of music.

They believed that he wanted to disgrace them because of their position in the church. That was why he put the mask”.
The Ologundes are from Ijagbo near Offa in Kwara State.

I Get Tired Of Hearing How Big My Head Is – Banky W

Banky W had some free time on Sunday,  so he decided on hang out with his twitter fans....
A Female fan asked Banky W; “Do you ever get tired of hearing how handsome you are?”
He Replied ‘@TheNubianQween “I get tired of hearing how big my head is.”
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hehehehehe, what a response to such a sweet question...she obviously didn't see that coming...LMAO
But his R&BW Album??? its the bomb, AWESOME....if you haven't got one yet then you are sleeping on a bicycle for real.

Jesse Jagz performs new single on Nigerian Idol

On Sunday evening Jesse Jagz made his presence felt at Dream Studio, and knocked out a rip-roaring performance of his never-before-heard hit, ‘Desire’. 

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This is his first performance since he went solo leaving Choclate city.

 Visit to see the latest episode of the show.

Joel Brinkley, LA Times columnist thinks President Jonathan Should be Impeached, “Nigeria’s Squandered Opportunity” He says

Nigeria’s Squandered Opportunity by Joel Brinkley was originally published by the LA Times.
Just outside President Goodluck Jonathan’s office sat 17 ambulances, just in case he or one of his aides fell ill. They were seldom if ever used.
No actual health-care facility nationwide had as many, and in fact a few still have none at all. But as soon as a Nigerian newspaper took a photo of the ambulances and published a story about them, they suddenly disappeared — probably to an underground garage.

Bio | Recent columns
Jonathan is president of Nigeria, which should be among the world’s most prosperous nations. After all, it produces an estimated 2.4 million barrels of oil each and every day. With oil now selling at $93.61 a barrel, that’s $224 million in income daily. And yet many hospitals can’t afford to buy an ambulance. The reason, in my view: Nigeria is the most corrupt nation on earth.

Sure, Transparency International lists almost three dozen states as more corrupt — Chad, Haiti, Laos, Yemen, Cambodia and the like. But are any of those nations as wealthy as Nigeria — taking in $81 billion annually, just from the sale of oil? No, not even one of them. So Nigeria steals and squanders more money than any other nation, making it the world’s most corrupt, by that measure.

Nigerian journalist Musikilu Mojeed finds all this so discouraging.

“With its geopolitical power, economic resources and middle class,” he laments, “no country (with the possible exception of Saudi Arabia and Egypt) has the power to change the course of black/African civilization like Nigeria.” After all, Nigeria is Africa’s most populous state — and large, twice the size of California.
So Nigerians are living an opportunity squandered — particularly now. Egypt is in turmoil. In just the last few days, in fact, many Egyptians have been calling for a military coup — anything to rid the state of its widely despised Muslim Brotherhood government. And a new report by the World Economic Forum ranked Egypt the least safe and secure tourist destination among 140 tourist nations evaluated.

Egypt has lost its place as the Arab/African worlds’ leader, and Saudi Arabia never had it. So for Nigeria, the time is ripe. But its leaders seem interested only in stealing the state’s money to make themselves rich beyond imaging. Think about it: $81 billion a year just from the oil, while most every local government official still tells his people the nation just doesn’t have enough money to fix the roads, schools or hospitals. (Roads are in such terrible shape that government officials generally travel any distance by helicopter.)

And Nigeria’s people — well, they are as mistreated as any on earth. In only nine nations — among them Liberia, Sierra Leone and Somalia — do more mothers die during childbirth. And in only 10 states, including Chad, Afghanistan and Zimbabwe, is the average life expectancy lower. Right now the average Nigerian’s average life span ends at 52. That may be why the median age of Nigerians is just 18.

A few months ago, the Economist Intelligence Unit published an evaluation of the best places for babies to born in 2013, given their probable welfare as children and the chance for a safe, comfortable, prosperous life. Switzerland, Australia and Norway were the top three. The United States came in at 16th, largely because “babies will inherit the large debts of the boomer generation.”

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Dead last: Nigeria. “It is the worst place for a baby to enter the world in 2013,” the report said.
Even with all that wealth, only just over half the population has access to clean drinking water, and one-third to a toilet, UNICEF says. Two-thirds live below the poverty line. Only one child in four who contracts pneumonia is given antibiotics, and only about half the population is literate.

The CIA also cites endemic “soil degradation; rapid deforestation; urban air and water pollution.” All this in a county whose gross domestic product stands at $236 billion a year, in the same league as Denmark, Chile, Israel and the United Arab Emirates — prosperous, successful states to be envied.

Goodluck Jonathan is certainly aware of all of this. After all, taking the oath of office, he swore to “devote myself to the service and well-being of the people of Nigeria. So help me God.”
Well, just last week he demonstrated who he really is and what he stands for when he pardoned a former state governor who’d been convicted of embezzling state funds and laundering the money. That pardon triggered a broad, angry uproar.

Good luck, Mr. Jonathan. It’s time you were impeached.

Mikel Denies rumors about getting married to Sandra Okagbue

According to this week's City People, Mikel Obi and Sandra Uche Okagbue's introduction will hold this Sunday March 31 in Onitsha, but Mikel Obi has come out to deny it.
The Chelsea star told Kick Off sports reporter, Colin Udoh, that he's just friends with Sandra

"I don't understand where this is coming from. I know her. We're friends, but we haven't spoken in a long time and definitely not about marriage."
Well all these Celebrities or what are they??? they can like to deny them selves, the next thing we will ehar now is a secret wedding,

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Shey Ice prince and Yvonne Nelson are still denying that they re dating, yet they are everywhere oo.....Lol na their way......Well Mikel you are for me joor, don't mind them.

8 Year-Old South African Groom speaks on his 61 Year-Old Bride

Remember the story of an 8 year-old boy who got married to a 61 year-old woman in South Africa to “make the ancestors happy”?Helen, a mother of five who has already been married for 30 years.

Their wedding shocked many people across the world, the couple and their families who see nothing wrong with the wedding have evidently moved on and are enjoying their “married life”.

Daily Mail UK recently caught up with Sanele who admitted that since the wedding, he has begun to feel like a married man. “The day was great and it was exactly what I had imagined it would be like. My friends thought it was really funny that I was getting married but I do now feel like a husband,” he was quoted as saying.

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Speaking on how he got the alleged message from his late grandfather, he said the deceased contacted him through a picture of his mother’s wedding.
We have a special bond because I am named after him. He said he had seen the picture and felt sad that he had never been able to have a white wedding of his own so he asked me to get married.” He concluded by saying I chose Helen because I love her.”

Senele Playing with his Mates
SO The question i have been meaning to ask is that? do they really do the thing?? hmmm...i need answers ooo

See how Wizkid's exhausts Boredom

Wizkid is back in the news today for his trip out in South Africa but in this case, it’s not because he’s making money from events and club appearances; it’s because of how he’s spending it.

Obviously from the look of things Wizkid is not afraid to spend.... " you know say money no be problem" in sarkodie's voice! In his most recent interview with OK! Nigeria TV in London, the star boy was asked to empty his pockets and he had huge wads of cash and credit cards.

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Still in South Africa, Wizkid uploaded this next photo a few moments ago on his Instagram, with the caption: “Boring afternoon! So I went to the mall..#SouthAfrica!”

Did he buy the whole of SA??? Look at all i am seeing

StarBoy Wizkid Takes SA By Storm

 Star boy Wizkid took South Africa by storm, He went from video shoots to having a mini-club Tour.

So far, he has joined Iyanya on set for the “Sexy Mama” video shoot with Emma Nyra, directed by Sesan. And, he has hosted two night club events – an MTV sponsored one at Hush Night Club, Johannesburg and another one on Saturday 23 March 2013 at Moloko Night Club, Pretoria.

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See few photos