Monday, 21 May 2012

Ronaldinho arrived drunk to the training of Flamengo again

According to the latest publications of the Brazilian press, Ronaldinho Gaucho, former Barcelona and world champion with Brazil, is assisting the trainings of Flamengo in poor physical conditions.
At the last practice he arrived guarded by bodyguards, trying to disguise from the Coach Joel Santana his state. 

Then he said he had muscle problems to avoid to start training with his teammates. On that occasion it was the club’s general manager, Zinho, who had to intervene to convince Dinho to run around the court.
However, his attitude did not change. Last Thursday Ronaldinho arrived again in deplorable conditions to the training and that day was the club president, Patricia Amorim, the one that witnessed the lack of discipline of the player.

So far they had not taken stronger actions against him, but the Coach Santana said on radio statements “I’ve been speaking of Ronaldinho for three months and I’m sick of talking about him. What I can say about a world champion, Golden Ball and rich man? He is the one who must explain why he does what he does.”

Is he now a Super star turned Drunkard???plss ooo....i really like you, stop whatever it is that you are doing........your Fans are Watching......
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