Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Photo of the day - Nollywood Actor Fredrick Leonard Rebranded

You know how i keep doing this before and after pictures of some of our regular faces..... 2day we have Nollywood Actor Fredrick Leonard to dissect.....lol

Above are his Before pictures and below are his most recent pictures.....What can you say about these photos and the difference so far????

For one we can't take away his dress sense.......he didn't lose touch at all...... from the before and after pictures its obvious he's got an applaudable dress sense.

But look at the pictures well na...LMAO.....So much change right?? this is what money, fame and....Living the Good life can turn you into.....

Check his hair out...before and after...spot the difference.......hehehehe........Am out............... 

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From an exclusive interview he had with NEWS-ONE in Ghana.
He says: 
“I enjoy what I do. I am an extrovert but I don’t drink, I don’t smoke and I don’t womanize either. I am a strong Christian and a God-fearing person.
I love good people and I love honest people,
“I don't even see myself as a celebrity, I'm sorry. I see myself as a working man who does some kind of work, except that my work puts me in front of the camera. It does not make me any special than anyone,” he said.
Fredrick has been in the Nollywood film industry for over a decade and has featured in a lot of movies including Ghanaian movies.Trust me He's good at what he does.
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