Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Nollywood actor Solomon Akiyesi has been to the Altar 3 times in 10 years......Non Divorced

This is a very disturbing story, I chose not to talk about it, I chose just to read, shake my head and move on with my very Intresting mind your business life and also blog about  things that do not much damage to peoples reputation or what so ever.

But this story has chosen not to die down, Instead it has up to part 3 now, and its in this part 3 that am moved enough to blog about it.. I actually like this Solomon man ooo, I like his Acting and delivery on Maybe thats why i didn't want to blog about it.

Right now, It has been revealed that Nollywood actor, Solomon Akiyesi, whose wedding to another woman was disrupted last Saturday by his legally married wife, Lilian, has actually been married twice, making it his third time of going to the altar in the last ten years (traditional Wedding On April 18,2003).

According to SDK, Solomon married Ezinne first (pictured above at their wedding). And without divorcing her, married Lillian  and without divorcing Lillian  went ahead to marry another woman, Uloma Agwu, before the wedding was disrupted by Lilian his portharcourt wife.

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Lilian and Uloma are both Pregnant for him, What kind of man is this???well He has said we should leave him alone, nobody even wants to be in your business asides watching you do your thing in the movies, But why play your movie character in the open??? people are left with no choice than to dissect your private issues.

According to Solomon :

“Every man has a right to take away that which will truncate his life. My marriage was one of the many things limiting me and retrogressing me. If I have a better alternative I doubt why I won't take it. People should leave me alone, pls.”

This is more like a movie script directed by? hmmm...who is even my favorite movie director?? Maybe Ugezu or Teco or Kunle....hahahahahhaha, If it was a movie?? these guys i just mentioned would kill it, Because they are

But this aint no movie?? this is reality

Abeg joorrrr Am outta here.... Solomon Broke my, But i will keep watching his movies of course.
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