Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Football is the world most popular sports with billions of fan all over the world, each supporting one club. There has been rumor and argument of the world richest football club. For the sake of clarity i will be listing the world richest football club and their worth.

   1. Real Madrid: Real Madrid has always been on top of the game when it comes to the  richest football club in the world. it is valued at $3.3 billion, They have increase their earnings within the year, irrespective of the economic down time in spain. Real madrid has always been the club with the highest revenue and now the richest club in the world.

   2. Manchester United: Manchester united has always been the world most richest football club has well as highest revenue, 2013 is the first time they are knock off the first and richest club. Manchester united is valued at $3.16 billion. I believe that before the end of the season they will get back to their usual position of the richest, if they make it at the top of  premier league and other cups.

   3. Barcelona: This is one football club loved by many due to their rate of entertainment style of football and their players. Well not only they can play, they are as well the third  world richest football club with $2.6 billion value. Their fan base increase daily and monthly especially as they always produce the world best players: Ronaldinho and now Messi.

    4.Arsenal: Irrespective of their failure to win trophies, They make lots of money in selling players, endorsement deals, shares, jersey and many other source of income. Over Nine years of no trophy has no impact on their revenue, they even more successful than most of the clubs that win trophy. Arsenal is the 4th richest football club, it worth $1.33 billion in value.

    5.Bayern Munich: The German giant has grown in the recent years. They have always remain the biggest and trophy winning club in germany thou Dortmund has shaken their throne in the recent years. Bayern munich is the 5th richest club in the world with $1.32 billion value.

   6. AC Milan: This is one club that has always be on the list of the richest club in the world, thou their earnings and value dropped last year, but they are still at 6th position of the world richest football club with $945 million value, Hoping they will get back to normal once they regain their title.

   7. Chelsea: With their reckless spending they made it to the world richest football club. They are only in this position because of the push they received as the England top 3 as well as the wining of the champions league tittle. Chelsea is valued at $901 million.

   8. Juventus: Irrespective of the setback they suffered in the recent years, they are back at the top as one of the richest club in the world, taking the 8th position. They are now getting back at the top of serie A, ready to reclaim their position and tittle. Juventus is valued at $694 million.

    9.Manchester City: They have grown with their football and players getting stronger. Manchester city is valued at $689 million and its the one of the world richest football club at the 9th position. Experts analyzed that they will still go up the list.

   10. Liverpool: They were almost lost in the top 10 richest football club. Their world popularity makes them a dominant force when it comes to wealth. Liverpool is valued at $651 million. With worth am seeing in the ongoing  matches they will surely improve.

The above are officially the world richest football club, Which club do you think is missing and is your club among the list above? Use the comment box and tell us what you think?
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