Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Korean Singer PSY's new hit ‘Gentleman’ Gets 76 Million Youtube Views In Three Days.

The Korean singer/dancer popularly known as PSY had started breaking more record, his new video has hit 76 million views in just three days
The new song ‘Gentleman’ dropped at midnight Thursday, April 11, 2013 and on Saturday night the video was posted on YouTube.
‘51million views in 40hours!! My God~!!!’ an excited PSY tweeted early on Monday.
PSY is no stranger to topping YouTube records, as Gangnam Style’ is currently the most-watched video of all time on the site with 1.53 billion hits.
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The new video garnered 50 million page views on its first day, smashing the previous record of 8 million held by Justin Bieber’s ‘Boyfriend’, according to Forbes.
We obviously haven't had the last of this PSY Guy,  Gangnam Style’ was a phenomenal success all over the world.

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