Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Omawumi Speaks - ‘My Daughter Is More Important Than Everything Else’

The talented vocalist in an interview on Rubbin’ Minds, aired on Channels TV told show host Ebuka how she feels about giving birth to her daughter Kamila at the peak of her music career.
Answering Ebuka’s question on whether she regrets bringing a child to the world during that period of her life, Omawumi responded ‘She was more important than everything and everyone else‘.
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She also confessed that people close to her had tried to talk her out of it but she that she ’had a blind conviction that nobody could talk her out of’. ‘Of course people tried to talk me out of it…I said let the career fall, I will back my daughter and sell tomatoes. She is more important to me‘.
She also explained her marital status: ’I didn’t come with that intention to be a single parent, however, now that I’ve found myself in that position, I’m going to enjoy and walk in the stride until when God brings the man that will come and you know…
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