Friday, 5 April 2013

B-Red Dumps Davido and HKN Crew

B-Red has reportedly left the HKN record label owned by Davido and his elder brother, Wale Adeleke.

Reason for the departure is being attributed to a heated argument which led to a fight between Sina Rambo (Shina Adeleke), B-Red (Bayo Adeleke) and Davido a month ago at their Atlanta home in US. Over why the outfit has focused more on Davido to the detriment of other artistes.

LeadershipNg reports properties were said to be damaged as a result of the fight.

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B-Red and Sina Rambo who are sons of the elder brother of Davido's father, are said not to be happy that their music career weren't given much attention. 

Lol...sometimes Family things Can also Fail...hmmm....Goodluck to you 
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