Tuesday, 26 March 2013

8 Year-Old South African Groom speaks on his 61 Year-Old Bride

Remember the story of an 8 year-old boy who got married to a 61 year-old woman in South Africa to “make the ancestors happy”?Helen, a mother of five who has already been married for 30 years.

Their wedding shocked many people across the world, the couple and their families who see nothing wrong with the wedding have evidently moved on and are enjoying their “married life”.

Daily Mail UK recently caught up with Sanele who admitted that since the wedding, he has begun to feel like a married man. “The day was great and it was exactly what I had imagined it would be like. My friends thought it was really funny that I was getting married but I do now feel like a husband,” he was quoted as saying.

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Speaking on how he got the alleged message from his late grandfather, he said the deceased contacted him through a picture of his mother’s wedding.
We have a special bond because I am named after him. He said he had seen the picture and felt sad that he had never been able to have a white wedding of his own so he asked me to get married.” He concluded by saying I chose Helen because I love her.”

Senele Playing with his Mates
SO The question i have been meaning to ask is that? do they really do the thing?? hmmm...i need answers ooo
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