Monday, 18 March 2013

The Oga At the Top Saga Continues + His Wife Protests at Channels TV Studio

The Famous 'Oga at the Top' Man Obafaiye Shem, the Lagos state commandant of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corp(NSCDC) has been temporarily suspended following his Over Emphasized famous “My Oga At The Top” comment which went viral after his embarrassing ordeal at the Channels Television breakfast programme – Sunrise Daily.

Vanguard reports that he was suspended after pressure emanated from the supervising ministry over his conduct at the interview in Lagos.

Meanwhile, it has also been reported that Shem’s wife forced her way into Channels TV studio yesterday to protest bitterly to the chairman of Channels, the embarrassment the viral video has caused her family. According to, she said that her kids were being ridiculed at school by their peers and that neighbours and fellow market women make jest of her daily. She also added that her husband hardly sleeps at night again because of the terrible embarrassment the video has caused him.

Since the video went viral, almost every joke cracked in the country is laced with a tinge of “My Oga At The Top”. On BBM, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, Radio and TV, Custmised Polos, Remixed Songs,

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I saw the Video and i though that looked more like an interrogation and not an Interview, Ok he aired and so?? We just need to concentrate on the lessons we should have learnt from such situation? and not making ridicule of the whole situation, It really hurts.

I think Nigerians are so Bitter with their Economy that they use the slightest opportunity to blast anyone, without thinking ofcourse.. Let it stop already, people are getting hurt...

I really feel for that family and his Kids.........
What do you think of the suspension??
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