Thursday, 14 March 2013

Lil Kim BLASTS Wendy Williams on Twitter

Everyone has seen the picture floating around of Lil Kim appearing to be heavier and 

am even beginning to think if she is ok at all.....She looks wierd.

A couple of days ago, the Brooklyn-bred rapper went on the record saying the media is trying to sabotage her image by photoshopping pictures of her.

Wendy Williams addressed  Kim’s latest look as real as she could with no apologies.
The outspoken talk show host felt the recent photos were not photoshopped and that Kim was simply caught on the wrong angle.

Lil Kim Claims the Above picture was Photoshopped and the One below is Actually the real Picture.

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Well, Wendy’s opinion is not sitting well with Kim as she’s taken to Twitter to blast Williams claiming she gave Biggie Smalls a sexual favor and was just thrown to the side by the late rapper.

The Tweets have since been deleted. 

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