Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Singer Maheeda Speaks on how she used to be a prostitute''

Caroline Sam, now known as Maheeda was raised an orphan and hit the streets at the young age of 13. With no one to take care of her she turned to prostitution but has since given her life to Christ. The married mother of one opened up about her past life to The Sun News: 
Yeah, I was a prostitute and I’m not ashamed to say it. It’s past tense and we all have our past. The beauty of it is that if Christ has done something in your life and you can’t say it, what is the need? I think I went through all that so I can really speak out. I have been through all that so I can speak, talk to the girls who are still into it and make myself an example. Although, it’s not nice for people to hear and it’s not something to be proud of but for the sake of those prostitutes outsides, I have to say it.
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At what point did you decide to stop prostitution and what made you stop?
That’s actually a very good question because even after getting married I still have this urge of going out to meet a man. But I felt it should not be so. I’m trying to let people know there is a spirit behind prostitution, if not, why after getting married, I have everything, I live in Lekki, I’m driving a very big car and my husband gives me whatever I want, so why would I still feel like going into prostitution? There is a spirit behind it. I continued prostitution even after getting married. The only thing that changed me was being born again and being delivered.

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