Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Appalling Photos of Female Hostel at Idi -Araba Medical School(LUTH)

Take a good look at the Female Hostel/bathroom at the Medical School Idi- Araba (LUTH), Isn't this a gorry sight?? this is actually where females use???

You see this pictures and also see the pictures from police college, then you will begin to really ask yourself what kind of country this is and which way are we really headed??

Instead of the Government focusing on projects like this, Renovating and Improving  Facilities, they push the money to obviously worthless projects,
Like building a deserving Home worth Billions for V.P Sambo, Like His house is supposed to be built with Nigerians Money....This is really Appalling.

Nigerians need a better government...PERIOD!!!
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