Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Energy Drinks About to be Banned in Nigeria

The House of Representatives on Tuesday moved to ban the importation and sale of  ‘energy drinks’, in the country.

Energy drinks have often been described as drinks that have potentially dangerous health consequences, the dangers lying in the high levels of caffeine contained in them.

Following a motion sponsored by a member, Yacoob Bush-Alebiosu, the house directed its Joint Committee on Health/Commerce to investigate the importation and distribution of the drinks.

He said, “These drinks are being mixed with alcoholic drinks and become more deadly as they tend to mask the level of intoxication already settled in the bodies of the consumers of this mixture, thereby allowing young adults to consume much more alcohol than normal, which often times lead to young people  passing out after such in-take and also an increase in road accidents involving such people.”

Hmmmm.....i guess am one of those people who Mix Energy drinks with Wine...Especially those Red Wine with really Sour
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