Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Check out Iyanya's Topless Photo+ what more do you see??

Its Iyanya ...........lol well take a closer look at this picture?? what do you see??? lol... Sexy Iyanya who is well aware of his sex appeal posted a topless photo of himself sitting on his bed on Instagram. 

Look around you?? what more do you see?? There's make-up, there's money, there's Iman Powder, there's Blush Stick , a black sexxy leggings and even more ...Could it be Iyanya that is using all these.....

Well like its any of our bizness.....your waist your waist all he wants is your waist.....mpo8 eh...hehehehehehehe

 Iyanya, me feel you jare
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