Monday, 18 February 2013

EX Tuface Baby Mama Blasts Goldie’s Husband+ Lets Allow Goldie Rest In Peace

Sunmbo Ajaba
Sunmbo Ajaba, the born-again Baby Mama of Tuface Idibia is not happy with the way Andrew Harvey has been talking and granting press interviews immediately after his wife, 
Goldie Harvey died under mysterious circumstances on her return from the US. Sunmbo thinks if Mr Harvey is a “real” husband he would grieve and mourn Goldie in peace.
Below is what she said about Goldie’s husband media show….
No grieving husband grants interview 2days after loosing his wife. Andrew shld pls let Goldie rest peacefully hain! Dis drama is unnecessary— ♕Adesunmbo Ajaba™ (@Sunmbo) February 16, 2013
But after all the negative insinuations that have been trailing Goldie, especially with drug story, I think people should let the Late singer be....Why is this Country or let me say life so insane, The minute someone drops dead, every kind of speculations starts coming up,
How come no body including the wack press ask bothered to ask  her how she came about the name 'Harvey' ?? since they all know her both parents are not foreign,
Different news about her timely death keeps surfacing.....Lets be human enough to let her Family and concerned friends mourn her in peace...
I think Sunmbo made sense too
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