Friday, 22 February 2013

Ugandan Boy who was raised by Monkeys

This boy 'Mayanja' was abandoned in the forest. He was believed to be about three years old when he was left alone his parents were killed in 1982 during the war and since then he lived in the wild for another three years.

When he was found, he could not sit or stand, but only squat and jump. He neither smiled nor talked, but made jungle noises, which quickly got him a new name — Monkey Boy.

He was found when soldiers roamed about the bushes and  spotted what looked unmistakably like a human being among the monkeys. They had to disperse the monkeys in order to rescue the boy, but it was a struggle because the monkeys put up a fight.
One adult female monkey held Mayanja tightly to her bosom in an attempt to protect him

After he was rescued it was a struggle to take him through the bathroom procedure, but now it is his favorite activity. Though he cannot dress himself, he voluntarily lifts his legs in turn to wear trousers and stretches out his hands for the shirt.

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According to reports from those who rescued him, while in the wild, Mayanja survived on fruits, berries and roots and learnt all the mannerisms of the monkeys that adopted him.

He still doesn't now where to keep his clothes, though.
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