Thursday, 28 February 2013

Covenant University is in court for Expelling a Student who was Watching Pornography in School

Vwamhi Longji Felix, A former student of Covenant University, Ota, Ogun state has taken the institution to court, challenging his illegal expulsion for allegedly watching pornography and secular music on his laptop.

He has a 24-paragraph affidavit to support his claim, which stated that before he was expelled his parents had spent not less than N10 million on his school fees and other expenses. He was a 400 level student of Communication Technology reportedly expelled on 23rd November 2012, following a night raid by the Student Affairs’ Unit of the institution. This was followed by his appearance before the school’s disciplinary panel which recommended his expulsion.

Vanguard reports that at the resumed hearing of the matter yesterday, the prosecuting counsel Segun Fatoki, told the court that Felix was allegedly expelled without an opportunity of a proper hearing or viewing the evidence in accordance with the standard practice as guaranteed by the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria 1999. He also claimed that his expulsion was a violation of Section 44 of Chapter 4 of the student Handbook of the Covenant University.

However, the school in its counter affidavit stated that in the school hand book it was noted that students are not allowed to be in possession of unholy films and home video or circular music tapes, either stored or directly in the computer or listen through the use of computer radio or any other electronic device when on campus during an academic session.

Also, the school claimed that it is an offence that will attract punishment of expulsion for any student who indulges himself or herself in public display of or be in possession of pornographic films or photographs, exploring or viewing pornographic websites on the internet.

Vanguard reports that after listening to both parties, Justice Mobolaji Ojo of Ogun State High Court said they should allow every individual to grow life that they need to live adding that if at age 15 to 17 they don’t live that life, they would live it when they are 30 to 35 because of too much rules. “A youth must live like a youth and an adolescent must live like an adolescent. If all of the traits of a youth are not allowed to be exhibited at the right time, it would be done at the wrong time,” Vanguard quoted him as saying.

The case was adjourned till March 27, 2013.

hmmm... I just love this Judge....and i also just love the young man's guts...Haba these Private schools are sick you know??Imagine how much has been invested in into that guys education?? A whole lot of money, and in 400l, you have no fear for God and Humanity, No human Sympathy, 
You just expel a student??? just like that,  ok, that's so Gross

Left for me i think there's really no need for these Private schools...They just have a bunch of impossible Rules and of course these students obey these rules against their wish....why??

Well when you begin to think of the strike and all the crap that comes with the Federal and state schools, which will however prolong your stay in the school...Cultism and  the rest...

You just rather stick with the crappy Private school rules and graduate in due time.
Government just make our Private and state schools better.............Life could be way easier

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 Yes i am venting seriously and i know AND i dnt know Vwamhi Longji Felix from anywhere

I pray he wins this case...

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