Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Kim Kardashian Presensce wasn't necessary at Darey's Love Like a Movie Concert - Charles Novia

Charles Novia is a Nigerian movie director and producer and owner of November Records. 

He had a few things to say about Darey‘s “Love Like A Movie” concert and the “importance” of Kim Kardashian to the success of the show.


The much awaited Kim Kardashian. She came in at the beginning of the show and spent just forty-five seconds or so on stage! That was all we saw of her. She introduced herself and asked the audience to prepare for a night they wouldn’t forget and left. Shikena! She was even glum, as if it was a task to just be there at all! Now, I’m not a fan of the lady and I don’t even watch her show but I could not understand why some ladies in the audience were screaming when she came on stage! Na wetin? Naija girls sabi overdo at times sef! Kai! One lady behind me screamed out ‘ I love you, Kim’ as Kim walked off the stage. I turned to see who it was; an artificial looking lass with fake eyelashes. Na so dem dey take start!

If you ask me, there was no need for Kim Kardashian at all in this concert. None whatsoever! Was she paid huge sums and flown here to just introduce Darey? It didn’t make sense to many. My two cents on that would be that Darey’s management knew they had a great show planned but needed the ‘ooomph’ factor to pull in more crowds. And Kim Kardashian was that factor, perhaps. Anyway, the show would go down in the history of concerts in Nigeria as the best. I mean it!

This kind of concert is one you can only get at the O2 in London, I can bet you on that! I’m told the show took over 15 months of planning and execution. It was worth every penny and energy spent on it. Darey has shown that he’s a king in his own kingdom with territorial ambitions to conquer pretenders to his throne. I am quite proud once again of my ‘Jazzville colleague’. He did the stuff national honours are made of with this concert.

This article was first published by Information Nigeria 
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