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Exclusive Interview with Newest Kid on the Block, the SOFA KING , VITO of Brodock Music

I recently Caught up with the Newest Kid on Block, This cool rapper and smooth singer Vito Whose Real Name is “Micheal Ovie Ikaka” From Delta State. Born and breed in Lagos, Festac Town. Born on the 27 of July 1994. 

He started his music career officially early last year recording on a Virtual DJ in his room, then went on to hook up with a Talented producer “Olayinka “WOYE SOUNDS” Olawoye” who spotted the raw talent in him and began recording songs and Mixtapes. Earlier this year, he hooked up with the C.E.O of Brodock Music Group (BMG) RICHMOND  who signed him under the Label and has already recorded over 50 songs..

 Looking forward to be one of the Top names in the music Industry,VITO already has songs in the works Featuring Solid Star, Doray, Korede Bello, Henry Knight & Young “YC” Carter of TINNY ENTERTAINMENT. and his latest Single SOFA ft the Kontrol Master W4

 Locally and internationally, Vito Hopes to work with artistes he feels would be able to interprete his vision for music and bring It to reality including the likes of Wizkid, Flavor and Tiwa savage, Chris Brown. These are artistes Vito draws inspiration, He explains his stage name VITO to mean Means life.

I think this Kid is certainly someone to watch out for this year..... He has it going for him...He sure puts a touch of quality in his music, fashion sense and infact....This guy is DOPE......

Read His full Interesting Interview....

VITO may we meet you?
My real names are Micheal Ovie Ikaka, am from Delta State and the 4th child out of 5 Children.

Delta Boys no dey carry last na
Yes oo, We are always on check.

So growing up, what are your strongest Child hood Memories.
That should be My First time on a plane, My heart almost fell out of my mouth, lol, I practically closed my eyes throughout the journey.

How Old were you?

And how old are you now?
Hehehehe, 18

So tell us how you Music Career started, How did you venture into music?
Well I always loved music as a child, it was so easy learning other people songs, But one day, my cousin came to the house and said to me that we should try downloading beats online and record on them,
I thought it was a great idea, so we did, In our bedroom that night, I wrote and recorded 2 songs, it sounded so cool when I was done, The songs spread like virus around my hood and I started getting comments from people that I should go professional with Music, that I got the talent, Not too long I met a producer called WOYE and that’s how my Music Career started Professionally.

Interesting Story…..Where did you Grow up??

And your Parents How did they welcome the fact that their 18years old son wants to enture into music?
Lol…Well my mum was cool with it, but my dad was mad at me, he said that music was my ticket to start smoking weed and sleeping  around with girls but today he’s in full support because he has seen 
progress in what I am doing and he now knows that his son isn’t playing….lol

What do you Parents Do?
My Dad is a businessman and my mum works for a law firm in calabar.

So who do you stay with in Lagos?

Your CEO?? Hmmm, Well amma come right back at this, Meanwhile tell me about school.
I wrote my SSCE Last Year, Am not in any University presently

Do you think you will combine music and University or you just want to face music for now?
I wanna combine both, I know its hard but I wanna do it and once am positive about something, it works for me.

Ok, Goodluck with that

So your new single SOFA Ft W4 plus Video is currently making airwaves, How does that make you feel?
Wow, That’s the greatest feeling any artiste can have, the love is there and my fans are crazy in love with the new single, I also got Madt Love on Twitter.

So what’s the inspiration behind SOFA?
It’s all about the Natural Endowment of an African Woman

So you are saying SOFA is all about African women and their beauty?
Ye Ma’am
But you know SOFA has other meanings but that’s my own definition of SOFA

Why w4?
We wanted someone who was out there already and W4 was just the right man to fit on that beat and we were right about it.

Are you signed under any label?
Yes Brodocks Music

Hmmm, I haven’t heard Brodock before, Tell us a little about Brodock Music and its Management.
Brodock Music is a new Record Label and I am the first and only Artiste signed under the Label,
Its Management is Good.

Who is the Brain Behind Brodock Music?
Richmond Nwoko AKA Freshest RichKing

So you said previously that you lived with your CEO, that’s Richmond if am Correct?

How do you describe your Music/ Fashion Style.
My Type of music is unique, My Fashion sense is simple and yet stylish, I blend both styles on a track.

Who inspires you I the Music Industry?
That will be 2Face, ChrisBrown and Wizkid.

Does VITO Have a GF? Am sure your Female Fans will want to know.
I will keep the Ladies guessing on that one.
Smart Answer

How did you come by the name VITO?

VITO Means Life, I was Like what could be a better name to use That which represents LIFE, and I also had I choose a name people can easily pronounce and get familiar with.

OK, VITO, so is it too early to ask when we should expect an Album?

My Album is on a next year P, lol, am dropping my album by God’s Grace Next Year, But Mad singles and Collabos with be dropping soon.

Anyone we should know about?

I will be dropping 2 singles pretty soon, One is a collabo with SolidStar and the other is a single.

So far since the release of SOFA, How have you been trending on Twitter?

I must Say am Surprised by the Amount of followers I gained on Twitter just recently and SOFA has since been getting positive responses and it’s been trending on twitter, It been Awesome

Wow…Kudos to that, So Since the release of SOFA, how many interviews have you granted so far?

A lot of Interviews oooo, I have even lost count, I was on THE BIG FRIDAY SHOW last week Friday and I had to be a VJ for an Hour, That’s my best Interview so far.

Congratulations on that one, so which celebrity will you wish to work with or feature on your next track?

Wizkid, Flavor and Tiwa Savage.

Any International Star you wish to also Collabo with?

Chris Brown

What About Chris Brown inspires you?

Well I love his Voice, His carriage and his tattoos, lol, I love art like he does also.

I See,  So Any Inspiring word for those your age who probably don’t even have a headline for their future, because at this age you have set a landmark for yourself….and that’s truly inspiring.

Yes well to all my mates out there, trying to be useful, I say never stop working hard and be humble, Hustle pays an pray harder also…God Bless
Any Word for your new found Fans?

To my fans, I jut wanna let them know that I will never let them down, Good Music is all amma bring to their speakers and blow their minds and I would try to be as clean possible, no controversies at all.

That’s a Huge Promise “No Controversies” Hope you know that Controversies come with the Celebrity Package…lol

Yes, well amma try.

OK VITO, It’s been my pleasure chatting with you, I wish you the very best in your Music career and by the way I loved that video, you Guys killed it.



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