Thursday, 7 February 2013

3 Nigerian Brothers Charged with Kidnapping & Sexually Assaulting a 15 Year-Old Girl in the US

Three Nigerian born brothers have been accused of abducting a 15-year-old girl at gunpoint and sexually assaulting her. The brothers Aziz Animashaun, 22 (left), Isiaka Animashaun, 25 (centre), and Taiwo Animashaun, 26 (right) were among a total of five to six attackers who took the girl to a home and sexually assaulted her on 21st December 2012.
Chicago Tribune reports that the girl was taking care of her brother and throwing out the trash when an SUV with five to six men inside drove up.

While searching the home where she was raped, the police found a used condom and a shiny antique handgun that matched the description of the one Animashaun is accused of using. DNA results from the condom were traced to one of the brothers, Taiwo Animashaun. Also, the 15 year-old girl identified Aziz Animashaun and Isiaka Animashaun as two of her attackers.

The three Animashaun brothers are citizens of Nigeria but are longtime residents of the Chicago who live in the same neighborhood with the victim. Each brother faces one count of aggravated criminal sexual assault with a firearm and one count of kidnapping while armed with a firearm. No one else has been charged. The Judge ordered bail for Taiwo Animashaun set at $500,000, Aziz Animashaun set at $400,000 and Isiaka Animashaun set at $250,000.

Rape is never an easy thing to go by, I can only imagine what the young girl must have gone through in the hands of these 3 men.....
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