Wednesday, 3 April 2013

How Difficult can it be to find a Wife?? Find out from Mikel Obi

Chelsea midfielder and Super Eagles footballer, John Mikel Obi has revealed what a though task it is to find a good woman to call wife. 
In a recent interview with  Kayode Tijani, Mikel Revealed that his major problem is finding who really loves him for who he is and not for what he has or has achieved as a footballer.
“I know normal people do not go through what I am going through now when it concerns finding a wife to marry, normal people don’t at all,” he said.
Mikel then confessed that, “believe me, it’s so difficult, very difficult [getting a wife]. You just have to leave it to God to find someone who truly loves you.
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“There might be someone who truly loves me for who I am but I may not be aware [of the person] but maybe [because] you don’t know or think she is one of those people that loves you for who you are or what you have, because of your money, or maybe she is [just] there for you, you never know, you get so confused.
“Now, I have decided I will just leave it to God to decide who I get married to.”
Hmmmmm this Mikel keeps breaking my heart Haven't you been seeing all my posts here on my blog??? Its me oooo.....Am sure the God who revealed it to me will soon reveal to you...
Happy Finding...... Dnt Worry we will meet......HEHEHEHEHE
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