Thursday, 4 April 2013

Interested in Nollywood Gay Movie?? Watch Pregnant Hawkers.

So we haven't finished with the hype of Tony Umez in the Porn Movie, Then came along the Bold 5 babes, where Vincent Opurum and Johnpaul Nwadike were doing it Dirty with them Girls, Now you need to go see Benson Okonkwo(The Dark Guy Above) in action, Have you seen the movie Pregnant Hawkers. If you are interested in watching then Go HERE

I think Some Nollywood Producers and actors have seen how though it is in the Market, everyone is going international with their movies, and they probably think they can't fit in..... So they started creating another market for themselves, PORNOGRAPHIC MOVIES, and Hoping The Lord will how them grace and they can sell and become popular..lmao.

According to a friend of mine...Name witheld...he calls them Terrible Terrible Actors
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Eiiisssh.............They are really getting too bold these days.
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